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Now located in the heart of Silicon Valley at RIVERMARK, Santa Clara.
We offer a well-rounded After School Program, Mid-Winter, Spring and Summer Camp for K-8.

We invite you to indulge your child in iGurukul’s innovatively curated Summer Experience 2024 that focuses on fun with holistic growth.

Week 1: Glitz and Glam

It’s all about the spotlight!!!
We start off our summer camp with a grand red carpet experience! Kids will learn a peppy Bollywood dance routine, and design and get ready for their own red carpet look, making paper models of their attires and learning how to use props and accessories, and we’ll have our own fun photo session! They will also be introduced to different styles of music from all over the world and learn about different musical instruments, and may also get a chance at making mini models of their favorite instruments. And finally, they’ll learn how lights create all the magic all while living the glam life!

Week 2: Unlimited Creativity

The sky IS the limit when it comes to our art explorations! Kids are sure to have fun exploring the right side of the brain, with tons of mini art and craft projects, depending on age and skill.

Week 3: Fit Fun Food

We believe in inculcating a healthy and holistic lifestyle from a young age, and so we blend in team sports and games, healthy but fun cooking experiments, important life skills like building confidence and practicing kindness to promote a sustainable, eco friendly lifestyle.



Creative Art and Crafts

Our art and craft ideas are perfect for parents and teachers of kids of all ages. E.g. baby handprint art, toddler craft projects, preschool art and craft ideas, kindergarten art based learning resources and many more art and craft ideas to inspire creativity and have fun!


Bollywood Dance

Over the years Bollywood movies have developed their own signature style of song and dance, which combines the rich texture of India's many classical and folk dances, fused with elements of Jazz, Hip – Hop, Arabic and Latin Forms.


Public Speaking

There are a lot of engaging games and activities for kids to develop their public speaking skills. Story Time with Cards: Write names of people, places, and objects on separate cards. Place all the cards in a bowl, invite your kids to pick out any two cards, and tell a story connecting the two words in the cards.


STEM Course

STEM Education', known for its focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, is relatively a new term in the Indian education sector. A robust STEM education creates critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and next generation innovators.


Creative Writing

Encouraging children to write a story of their very own can give them an enormous confidence boost, as well as help them consolidate their literacy learning by putting their phonics, grammar and reading skills into practice. Primary teacher Phoebe Doyle offers parents tips on how to get their children’s creative thoughts flowing.


Canvas Painting

With step by step structured painting instruction, you set your child up for success! You will be amazed what he or she creates and he or she will certainly feel very confident!
Also, through step by step instruction you can insert other learning opportunities in other subject areas such as math and science!


Our Mission

Our unhindered mission has always been to enhance inner potential, synergy, empowerment, creativity, and above all else, foster personal excellence among children, youth and families. iGurukul works as a finishing school with a special focus on developing emotional, social and spiritual quotients. We want to build a home away from home experience so you know your child is in the best care.

Our Vision

As a learning institution, iGurukul believes it has a sincere responsibility to ensure and create a safe and nurturing environment. We instill positive social and personal character development so that your children could grow up to be healthy and productive citizens. Learning to know, Learning to grow, Learning to ‘Be’ and Learning to live together is iGurukul’s essence.

Awards & Recognition

To create an excellent learning environment, iGurukul has a team of professional teaching staff of experienced teachers led by Mrs. Kuku Das. She has more than 20 years of combined experience in public, private and non-profit organizations in the area of teaching, leadership, community building, event management and fund-raising. She has served as a Master Gold teacher at a renowned private school in California for more than a decade. She believes “Everyone is an Achiever”.

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